mikalyaI came to know about Mikayla when I was searching articles to be selected for my blog.  One sentence of local site here attracted my eyes “Jangan lupakan saya” (Don’t forget me). Then, curious to know I got Herald Sun.

From the first time I read the article, I already fell in love with her and promised to my heart that I will make her alive forever in my blog.

What I admire her so much is she knows the meaning of life and the coming life after this.  That’s why she never afraid of herself and what is coming after that.

I put her story in the blog so that my visitors could learn what faith we should have.

Good bye, Mikayla.  Your seven years life will never be forgotten.  See you in heaven!

Loving regards, Deny S Pamudji

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MIKAYLA Francis, the young cancer sufferer who stole the hearts of Victorians when she told her family she feared being forgotten, has died.

Little Mikayla died this morning from the advanced liver cancer that had failed to respond to treatment, just days after celebrating her seventh birthday.

She died at 8.30am (Dec.13, 2010) at home with her family beside her.

"Her mum put her hand on her chest and I put my hand on her shoulder, and as soon as we touched her, there was a sigh and two breaths, and she was gone," Mr Francis said.

Mikayla’s plight moved Australians, with many saying the little girl had taught them about what was really important in life.

Right to the very end Mikayla’s concern for others shone through, and even on her last day, when her brother suffered an anxiety attack, she sat up and called his name, Mr Francis said.

"The most important things I’m going to remember are her courage and faith and her unwavering selflessness," he said.

"Her care and love and consideration for other people was amazing. She always thought about everyone else before herself.

"She was seven years old. She didn’t know why and she couldn’t comprehend it but she didn’t waver in her faith."

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